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About Page Size Checker

What is a Page Size Checker?


The Website Size Checker Tool through RankWatch informs you approximately the common web page size of any URL. You want to go into the URL you need to check the size of, and the Page Size Checker will calculate the webpage size of that precise URL in an instant.


How is it beneficial?


By the use of this tool, you'll recognize in element approximately the things, which might be the use of the size of your web page and are the primary perpetrator in making the website slower. On top of that, through this tool, you could also check the web page sizes of different websites, to inform you how much of their information is the use of the space.


How to use it?


You want to go into simply the URLs you need to track web page sizes of and hit the 'Calculate Page Size' button. And you're done! The Page Size Calculator will run the inspection and bring the record inside seconds.